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CALLS FOR COLLABORATION: Living Labs & Testbeds, Digital Platform Providers

Apply by June 30th

The Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems, (JPP SES) an international network of 30+ public research and innovation funders, is scouting collaboration partners for upcoming project consortia in order to increase the impact of research, development and demonstration!

1. Call for Living Labs and Testbeds to become collaboration and network partners

Do you represent a living lab or a testbed for energy system innovation?

And would you like to expand your network by finding new partners and/or work together on new projects?

The JPP SES just opened a call to establish a Transnational Validation Network, inviting existing and emerging living labs and testbeds to collaborate with solution developers in fields like smart and digitalised energy systems, energy communities or integrated energy systems (incl. heating and cooling, storage solutions, etc.). Together they are expected to create an ecosystem for the development, validation and real live testing of innovative solutions, services and technologies for the Clean Energy Transition.

Become a collaboration and network partner! See further details about the call on the website of JPP SES.

2. Call for Providers of Digital Platforms and ICT Platform Solutions to become collaboration and network partners

Would you like to promote your Digital Platform or ICT Platform Solution and expand your network in the Clean Energy sector?

Are you looking for energy service developers to build high level services and business applications on your data, software or application platform?

Are you looking for energy system innovators to co-create an advanced ecosystem of domain specific and generic enablers, integrating your existing ICT platform building block, interface, layer solution, API. etc.?

JPP SES just opened a call on a Partner Program for Digital Platform Providers (DPPs). JPP SES seeks for ICT partners that offer technologies and services or parts of solutions that potentially link to other digital eco-systems, helping to create intelligent energy systems and services. In turn, DPPs gain many benefits for example:

· high visibility via formal descriptions of the value propositions on the DPP platform

· exclusive matchmaking offerings

· early and exclusive access to research projects and their results

Become a collaboration and network partner! See further details about the call on the website of JPP SES.

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