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CALL 2 JUNI: Baltic-Nordic Roadmap for Cooperation on Clean Energy Technologies

Ansökan stänger 2 juni 2021 kl 13:00 CET.

Nordic Energy Research invites all interested parties to submit an offer for the tender: “Baltic-Nordic Roadmap for Cooperation on Clean Energy Technologies”. The purpose of the study is to identify, which clean energy technologies the Baltic and Nordic countries should prioritize and invest in during the coming years, both individually and collectively, to meet the Baltic and the Nordic decarbonization targets as well as EU’s.

The study aims to determine which clean energy technologies are most relevant for Baltic-Nordic research cooperation, in terms of synergies, digital interconnectivity, fuel production capabilities, demand-side management, and green export potential. The winning consultant will define a cooperation roadmap for developing clean energy technologies and provide insight into their strengths, limitations and applications in an international context.

Focus areas in the call:

  • Smart city solutions, energy systems integration, digital energy technologies, and associated data collection practices;

  • Power generation, transport, heating and cooling, infrastructure, and buildings in the future energy balance;

  • Zero-carbon technologies, renewables, electrification, digitalisation, energy storage, and alternative fuels such as hydrogen;

  • Spatial impacts of energy technologies in densely versus sparsely populated areas.

Read more about the call at Nordic Energy Research.


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